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Berkshires Getaway

A few weeks ago, we escaped to the Berkshires. This was our first vacation in two years and the first excursion amidst the pandemic. We were lucky enough to get tickets to watch “John Williams-Film Night” at Tanglewood, which really initiated the whole getaway plan. At first, we were cautious about Covid restrictions and were thinking of just driving out for the concert. But, the restrictions had lifted a little bit, we were fully vaccinated and frankly a little stir-crazy from being home. So if you ever manage to go to the Berkshires, here are some suggestions.

Try to have lunch or dinner at Bistro Zinc–I had a delicious Tuna Nicoise salad and my husband had a duck confit grilled cheese. The food was delicious and I managed to get a picture with the “Queen”.

We stayed at the Red Lion Inn, which is full of New England charm. The front porch is a peaceful place to people watch and sip your morning coffee–which I recommend you buy from the nearby Stockbridge Coffee & Tea. The staff is friendly and they have fresh, locally made biscotti– a perfect pairing with your morning coffee.

Before the concert, we had dinner at The Gateway Inn. They have a new chef and food is delicious, I am really looking forward to going back when they have a full brunch menu. The bartender was really nice–they don’t have a cocktail menu, but he will personalize a cocktail for you. For me, it had to light, refreshing and with St. Germain. Also, on their bar menu, there is an Eggplant Caviar which is to die for!

One thing that I like to do after a vacations, is to try to recreate some of the food that I have had during the course of my travels. This time around, I chose something really simple, primarily because I remember enjoying it thoroughly at dinner one night. It was a tomato watermelon salad; and let me tell you, the ingredients might be humble, but when you have been walking around amidst a heat wave, this refreshing salad hits the spot. So, last night, I made it at home and it was just as refreshing and delicious as it was at the Red Lion.

The salad is super simple to make. I used heirloom cherry tomatoes, cut in half, watermelon balls and baby arugula. For the dressing, you could balsamic dressing, but I decided to blend lemon juice, honey, olive oil and basil together for a light sweet dressing to complement the tart tomatoes and juicy watermelon.

I like to dress just the arugula and then sprinkle the tomatoes and watermelon on top of it. If you like crunch, you can add crushed pistachios and almonds. Of course, then best paring with this would be crumbled feta cheese, but we are not cheese fans. I paired this with Sea Bass (recipe here) and it was a quite the elegant saturday night super !

I hope you are inspired by my travels and head out to the Berkshires. Till then, enjoy this salad!

Food from Travels

Missing the Parisian Bistro

Back in 2019, before the pandemic, my husband and I travelled to France. One of our favorite things to after a long day of sight-seeing and museum-hopping, was to have a late-night, light dinner in a classic french bistro. Ahh, to sit outside on a summer night, nibble on delicacies from a humble charcuterie board and sip great french wine. Not to forget the baguette!! Since we have been locked-up (like the rest of the world), I have been going through old pictures and thinking, when will we be able to travel again?!?

Food from Travels

London Diaries


These days, thanks to the global coronavirus pandemic, we are stuck at home.  As I go stir crazy, I decided that it might be nice to go down memory lane and look back at some of our travels.  2018 was a BIG year!  Both my husband and I finished grad school and we decided to splurge on a much-needed vacation.  So off to London we went!  When in London, there are few things one must partake in.  First, is the traditional “pub fare”.  I had to have mushy peas with fish and chips.  My husband opted for the heartier steak and ale pie.  Both were delicious!!!  In fact, since our trip to London, meat pies have become a staple in our winter menu.


Another classic experience that I highly recommend is the proper English Afternoon Tea.  We took advantage of every single opportunity to have “tea”.  For a more relaxed experience, I would recommend tea at Harrods.  For a more formal (over-priced, but totally worth it) experience, go to the Ritz-Carlton.  As always, our travels have inspired our everyday “tea” drinking.


Finally, a romantic dinner.  Our first night in London, we went out to eat at Hutong a glamourous Asian restaurant on the 33rd floor of the Shard .  I still dream of the Lotus leaf beef and the dumplings!!


Food from Travels

Best BBQ in town: Rodney Scott–Charleston, SC


Unassuming and humble, this is by far the best BBQ I have had in a very long time.  If you ever get to travel to Charleston, make this your first stop!


Food from Travels

Lunch at Husk–Charleston, SC

Charleston is where I want to retire!!! We got really lucky an managed to et lunch reservations at Husk ( Crispy catfish, fried chicken and hushpuppies—nothing says southern comfort like this.


Food from Travels

Dining in NYC

On a recent trip to NYC, we had the pleasure of dining at two very nice restaurants.  One night we went to Kennedy’s Bar and Grill near Columbus Circle.  Another night we went to David Burke’s, “Burke in a Box” at Bloomingdales.  These are a few snapshots of what the food looked like.  The service was awesome and so was the food, I highly recommend these locations for your trip!

Kennedy’s Bar and Grill:

Appetizer: Mussels in garlic and wine.


Main Course: Grilled Tuna and Surf& Turf !



David Burke’s

Popovers, Calamari Salad, Grilled Salmon, Short Ribs and Creme Brulee



Food from Travels

The Mooring-Newport, RI

On a recent trip to Newport, the boy and I went to “The Mooring” for a fancy romantic dinner.  And this is what we had.

I had- Sea Scallops with artichoke hearts, quinoa, sweet-pea puree and fennel slaw.

The boy had grilled Swordfish on a bed of lobster corn chowder with bacon lardons and matchstick potatoes.

We finished with a box of chocolated we bought at a local shoppe.