Wedding Cake


The highlight of this pandemic was when two of my dearest friends got married!!!  To add to the joy, they trusted me with baking their wedding cake!  WHAT AN HONOR!!!  For their intimate, COVID-compliant wedding, they wanted a small wedding cake and cupcakes for their guests–keeps the sharing safe.  For the main cake, the bride and groom requested a white cake filled with lemon curd and raspberry preserves and covered with a vanilla bean frosting.



For the cupcakes, they requested a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting.


I had some extra white cake batter leftover, so I turned them into cupcakes with a lemon frosting–not shown in the picture here.  The lemon cupcakes tasted great but did not meet my “picture worthy” standard–note to self, never add sliced blackberries to a pale lemon frosting–it will bleed and turn purple!!!


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