Elegance in simplicity


As much as I like to cook, take pictures of my food and share them in this blog, every now again, it is a treat when I don’t have to cook.  Usually, that means we are going out to eat.  But in these days of isolation, I find a lot of joy when my husband cooks for me.  In our house (an probably like yours too), he is the grill-master and his favorite thing to cook is…….you guessed it…..steak!  For this simple, yet elegant dinner, what you need is good quality ingredients.  To treat ourselves, we splurged on some delicious NY strip steak and a steak of this quality only needs some good kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper.


Throw it on to the grill and cook it to your liking–rare for my husband, medium rare for me.  Pair this with any side dish of your choice.  We like green beans and my perfect pee-wee potatoes to go with it.


If you have some leftovers, you can always make some Steak Crostini, year simple and elegant appetizer to enjoy the next day–it won’t even taste like leftovers!


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