Simmer Sauce Solutions


This may be obvious to you, but a well-stocked pantry is essential.  Especially, during these days of “social distancing”,  when going to the grocery is like going out to a war zone.    Like most of you out there, my pantry consists of the usual suspects-pasta, brownie mix, canned corn, canned tuna, chicken stock, canned tomatoes, pickles, etc.  A few more things that I always on hand are jarred sauces.  I used to hate using pre-packed sauces, they were full of sodium and preservatives and I most certainly sis not care for.  However, the necessity for cooking hearty meals in a flash lead me to explore some brands and I have settled on a few that are relatively on the healthier side.  They are also a couple bucks more expensive, so I always stock up on them when they go on sale. Here are a few jars that you will always find in my pantry.

Indian: Patak’s Simmer sauces.  I have tried most of the varieties of their but Patak’s Tikka Masala, Jalfrezi, Biriyani paste, and Rogan Josh are the best.  Here are some of the recipes I have made with them:

Murgh Kofta Rogan Josh

Gosht jalfrezi

Asian: For a delicious stir-fry, Tsang’s stir-fry sauces are the best, because they have the least amount of sugar.  I usually by the Teriyaki, Classic or Szechuan Sauce.  Here are my stir-fry recipes

Beef Teriyaki

Chicken in Classic Sauce

Mexican: Jarred pickled jalapenos and Salsa Verde are must-haves for my Chicken chili recipe.  I look for the Culinary Tours brand.

Chicken Chili

Italian: I always buy the Victoria brand of tomato basil sauce. Even “America’s test kitchen” vouched for this brand.  I don’t have to tell you how to use pasta sauce, but my favorite use is to make chicken parm or use it as a dipping sauce for eggplant cutlets.

Eggplant Cutlets

Spaghetti and Meatballs

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