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The Mooring-Newport, RI

On a recent trip to Newport, the boy and I went to “The Mooring” for a fancy romantic dinner.Β  And this is what we had.

I had- Sea Scallops with artichoke hearts, quinoa, sweet-pea puree and fennel slaw.

The boy had grilled Swordfish on a bed of lobster corn chowder with bacon lardons and matchstick potatoes.

We finished with a box of chocolated we bought at a local shoppe.

19 thoughts on “The Mooring-Newport, RI”

  1. Both dishes look great although the lobster w/lobster chowder, bacon, matchstick potatoes … I think that would have been my choice. I’m not sure if I’ve been to the Mooring – is that the one right on the water? I think behind all the little shops. Haven’t been down there in a while.


  2. I LOVE The Mooring and have been there many, many times over the years. The view AND their chowder (chowda) can’t be beat. The giant fireplace is to die for, also. I’m glad to have found your blog…it’s very enjoyable. And thank you for finding mind as well πŸ™‚


  3. Those dishes look amazing…I always order scallops, but that swordfish on a lobster corn chowder with bacon?!? I guess you can’t go wrong with seafood when in Newport πŸ™‚


  4. Love, love scallops, AND Newport. Sad that I haven’t been back since, um, 1998? We honeymooned there. At the time, I could not get enough of the Black Pearl’s clam chowder. Still there?


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